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If anyone is interested in the availability of prints or would like to commission something, please write a private message here or send an e-mail to
Thanks : )
Interesting project designed by lovelessdevotions and Aesara-Daynewhere you can read about the ASOIAF fan and official art and the fans and artists who create it. All interested are very welcome to read, but be wary of spoilers for G.R.R. Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire" and HBO's "Game of Thrones".

Illustrating Westeros: ASOIAF Artists Speak IIn this first edition, we talk with Mathia Arkoniel, a veteran illustrator that is amongst the first fan artists to grace the ASOIAF fandom back in the days when the pool was smaller and the variety in styles and interpretations more reduced. She is an artist whose paintings capture the dynamic and sensual world that George R. R. Martin has crafted in his fantasy series. Her pieces are distinguished by a bold use of colour and polished rendering, and each one reveals an expressive emotional quality that highlights not only Mathia’s talent but a perceptive grasp of the source material, which we hope will be enlightening for artists and readers alike.

Illustrating Westeros: ASOIAF Artists Speak IIRichly detailed and darkly evocative, Bubug's ASOIAF artworks are not easily forgettable. Perhaps it is because of the humour and irony that permeates her pieces, easily making you laugh as they simultaneously captivate. Or the answer may lie in the many symbolic details that are weaved through the paintings: challenging our familiarity with these characters whilst deepening our appreciation. Whatever the reason, it is little wonder that Bubug's style and insight are cherished by so many in the fandom. 



Welcome to Illustrating Westeros, Bubug. To begin, tell us how you
Illustrating Westeros: ASOIAF Artists Speak IIIEva Maria Toker's passionate approach to the world of Westeros can readily be appreciated on first viewing of her paintings. In pieces full of detail and depth, she reveals the poignancy and bittersweet quality that have attracted so many to this series and its characters. Eva invites us to wander into these settings and to share the emotions, the mystery, and the drama with its inhabitants. 

Welcome to a new edition of Illustrating Westeros, Eva Maria. To begin, tell us how you became an artist, and the influences that have shaped your style.

Thank you so much for the chance to participate in Illustrating Westeros!
Illustrating Westeros: TWOIAF Special EditionIn this first Special Edition of Illustrating Westeros, we are delighted to feature an exclusive interview with Elio Garcia Jr. and Linda Antonsson, the co-authors, along with George R.R. Martin, of the recently published The World of Ice and Fire. The interview offers a detailed and engaging perspective on the artistic development of TWOIAF and the remarkable artists whose paintings so enriched our appreciation of the dynamic milieu of historical Westeros. If you've found yourself returning time and again to gaze at the fascinating landscapes and characters illustrated within the book, wondering about Martin's specific involvement in certain areas, and are looking forward even more anxiously to the release of his next book, The Winds of Winter, this interview is a must read.

Welcome to the special edition of Illustrating Westeros, Elio and Linda. Fans agree
Illustrating Westeros: ASOIAF Artists Speak VBringing her distinctive style to the characters as portrayed in the TV series Game of Thrones, Kittrose's portraits have the ability to mesmerise immediately upon viewing. Skillfully realistic depictions are set against intensely coloured backgrounds, lending the paintings a forceful energy that is fitting for the dynamic actors and actresses who have captured the hearts and minds of audiences worldwide. Keep reading for compelling revelations on Kittrose's artistic development and inspiration, along with astute observations on the ASOIAF books that belie her status as a "newbie" reader. 

Welcome to another edition of Illustrating Westeros, Kittrose. To begin, tell us how you became an artist, and the influences that have shaped your style.
Illustrating Westeros: ASOIAF Artists Speak VITo say that Dejan Delic's vector artworks dazzle the eye is an understatement. Elaborate shapes and swirls, ornate detailing, and resplendent colours offer up a veritable feast for any ASOIAF fan. No character, however major or minor, is excluded from this embellished styling that the artist appears to master so effortlessly. Whilst such rich presentation would be a triumph alone, Dejan's true talent resides in making each character's personality - their flaws and foibles, power and prestige - shine just as brightly.




Welcome to the new edition of Illus
Illustrating Westeros: ASOIAF Artists Speak VIIA budding new talent in the realm of ASOIAF fanart, the gothic style of IrenHorrors brings a delightfully macabre sensibility to familiar scenes and characters. Citing the inspiration of greats like Tim Burton and Arthur Rackham, the artist is well on the way to establishing an enthusiastic following all of her own. 

Welcome to Illustrating Westeros, IrenHorrors. To begin, tell us how you became an artist, and the influences that have shaped your style.
Hello! I am honored to be invited! In my gallery there aren’t a lot of artworks related to the ASOIAF book series, so I am very pleased that you paid attention to me.
I am fond of painting and drawing since I can remember myself; at first I spent a lot of years in art school, then I e
Illustrating Westeros: ASOIAF Artists Speak VIIISteamey's artworks are recognisable by their dark ambiance and expressive qualities to communicate the tense conflicts of GRRM's fantasy series, whether they are taking place on a battlefield, between couples in an intimate setting, or within the characters themselves. As an artist with such undeniable talent, we expect her gallery to intrigue and enthrall fans as it continues to grow. 
Welcome to another edition of Illustrating Westeros, Steamey. To begin, tell us how you became an artist, and the influences that have shaped your style.
Thank you for the offer to participate in this project. I became an artist as a child, despite the fact that my school teachers would argue against that. I went through the usual stages of learning to paint landscapes, still l
Illustrating Westeros: ASOIAF Artists Speak IXWith a love of art steeped in the traditions of medieval Europe and Orientalist miniature, Oznerol-1516 brings a uniquely engaging perspective and style to the world of Westeros. As a practicing historian, his artistic interest centres on many of the characters who are not present in the current series, but nevertheless are critical agents in adding to the rich tableau of lords and ladies, kings and queens, whose actions determined so much of the on-going events. Oznerol's thorough appreciation of Martin's universe and determination to keep improving his art make stopping by his gallery a worthwhile visit, and viewers can even feel free to indulge in a chat on their shared love of A Song of Ice and Fire


Welcome to another edition of Illustrating Wester
Illustrating Westeros: ASOIAF Artists Speak XLike the Dornish region where she would choose to reside if she lived in Westeros, there's something irresistibly piquant about ProKriK's art. A slick traditional technique featuring a bold palette and attention to detail result in the distinctive flavour of ProKriK's style, and the characters receiving her attention are all the more memorable for it, coming alive in the amazing vitality and diversity that reflect the creative talents of both author and artist. 

Welcome to another edition of Illustrating Westeros, ProKriK. To begin, tell us how you became an artist, and the influences that have shaped your style.
Thank you a lot for inviting me to participate in Illustrating Westeros!


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